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Donovan Morgan is a Native Hawaiian, born and raised in Ewa Beach.

His background and experience are supported by his Military Service and 28 years in the Big Oil Industry working for Chevron USA.

Donovan spent 4 years in the US Navy onboard the Aircraft carrier USS Enterprise as a Flight Deck Director. Which was, and continues to be, one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

Donovan worked for Chevron USA for 28 years (1991 thru 2019). 15 years was spent working as an operator at the Hawaii refinery, and his las 13 years was spent working as a Senior Consultant for both Utilities and Project Support Groups in Tengiz, Kazakhstan, Chevron’s biggest asset.

MoAloha Blasting was born out of Donovan’s past experiences within the Big Oil industry and wanting to make a positive impact in the place he calls home.

Personal experiences of good, bad, and the in-between led Donovan on a journey toward helping others prevent incidents, improve profit margins, and creating/maintaining safer living/work environments throughout industry.

Donovan has lived the, “Run it till it breaks”, to “Fix it later”, to “I’ll get to it when we have some time”, and many similar scenarios that simply deprioritize routine maintenance.

Donovan’s most recent experiences were at Chevron USA’s Multi-Billion dollar facility in Tengiz, Kazakhstan.  

This is an industry where an hour equates to millions of dollars in production.

Having a properly developed, implemented and operating maintenance program is one of the many key elements in preventing costly incidents, ensuring proper equipment operations and maximizing capital/operational investments.

Donovan brings this experience and more to MoAloha Blasting and its clients.  

Leveraged, we are able to assist our clients on improving lifetime values of assets, ensuring assets are properly maintained, and the ability to ensure incident free operations are maximized.

MoAloha Blasting's provides Wet & Dry Abrasive Blasting and Pressure Washing Services.

We provide surface cleaning, preparation and maintenance services are fast, safe, cost effective, repeatable, and mobile. 

We openly share our vast experience and knowledge with our clients on routine maintenance, incident free operation, incident prevention, improving/maintaining perceived values, and much more. Our services compliment what we give away for free.

    CLEAN - Remove paint, corrosion, mold and other types of contaminants.

    PREPARE - Prepares surfaces for future coating applications.

    PROTECT - Application of protective coatings to extend asset lifetime values.

    MAINTAIN - Providing routine maintenance service to ensure lifetime values are achieved or extended.

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Should you have questions or require more clarity about our services, please call 808-352-8885 (Cell). 


Donovan Morgan

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